Introducing the New Hand Held Dew Point Meters , the SADPmini2 and SADPmini2-Ex.

The New design of the SADPmini2 and SADPmini2-Ex boasts many additional new functions and features, including Bluetooth communication with a PC/Laptop and a Bluetooth Printer BTP01. The logging capability has also been redesigned and now offers up to 300,000 data captures that can be transferred to a PC/Laptop via USB, Bluetooth, or transferred to the removable micro SD card.

 The SADPmini2-Ex Hand Held Dewpoint Meter has ATEX, IECEx and UL Intrinsic safety  verification.

 The SADPmini2-Ex has all the functions and features of the Bluetooth and Logging SADPmini2 model and in addition, the Ex model comes as standard with an anti-static carry bag.

Used in conjunction with the New PSS Portable Sample System, makes these portable dewpoint analyzers the most versatile, easy to use dewpoint hygrometers available.


PSS - Portable Sample System for SADPmini2

The PSS Portable Sample System, specifically designed for the fast connection of the SADPmini2, SADPmini2-Ex, and legacy models SADPmini, SADPminiEx to condition pressurized gas samples.

This sample system has a choice of sample connections, an optional filter and pressure regulator or needle valve together with an integrated sample flow indicator.

Manufactured in rugged 304 stainless steel, with all wetted parts in 316 stainless steel and contained in a hard-wearing carry bag. This unit is lightweight, sturdy and built to last using high quality components.

BTP01 - Bluetooth Printer for SADPmini2 /2-Ex

Print out your dewpoint sample data and graphs from your SADPmini2 to this Handheld Bluetooth Printer BTP01. Small and very lightweight, ideal pocket printer for field and other remote location use.

SADPmini2 Datasheet Delta Instrument LLC.pdf SADPmini2-Ex Datasheet Delta Instrument LLC .pdf PSS Portable Sample System Delta Instrument LLC.pdf