Gas Calorimeters and BioGas Analyzers from Delta Instrument, LLC

Let Delta Instrument assist you with your fuel gas Calorimeter and BTU measurement needs. Union has supplied Gas Calorimeters, Wobbe Index Value and Specific Gravity analyzers to the world’s major process industries for over 80 years. The CWD 2005 measures all three gas parameters simultaneously and the W 2005 measures Wobbe Index values only. Both analyzers utilize a unique thermopile sensor to provide the wide measurement range, high speed response and low maintenance requirement that these instruments are famous for. 

Why not let the skilled people on the Delta team help you select the right analyzer for your next application?

Applications Include:

Heating Value Analyzer V6A.pdf

          CWD2005            CWD2005 DPC               CWD2000 EX              CWD 2005 SPC


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