The original Union Calorimeter was developed many years ago to meet the needs of the gas industry and has been installed in thousands of measuring installations worldwide. Today’s CWD 2005 retains the successful thermopile measuring principle and a continuing program of careful research and development has produced a compact continuous high speed BTU analyzer that can measure the following gas parameters:

Designing a ready to install analyzer package is a Delta Instrument specialty. Several enclosure options are available for applications that require outdoor or hazardous area installations.      

          CWD2005            CWD2005 DPC               CWD2000 EX              CWD 2005 SPC

CWD2005 DPC Rev C.pdf CWD2005 Rev B.pdf CWD2005 EX Rev A.pdf CWD2005 Plus Rev B.pdf CWD2005 SPC Rev B.pdf Heating Value Analyzer V6A.pdf

           CWD2005            CWD2005 DPC          CWD2005 EX          CWD2005 PLUS        CWD2005 SPC           Application          

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