Gas Collection Transfer Units (GCTU-CMH-PTY-SO2 ) & (GCTU-CMH-PTY)

Precision Chilled Mirror Dewpoint

   Hygrometer with accuracy to ± 0.36°F (0.2°C).

   Range -76°F to +68°F dewpoint. °C or ppmv.

• SF6 Purity Analyzer (%)

• SO2 Analyzer (ppmv)

 Data Sheet  SF6 Analyzer GCTU-CMH-PTY 2244.pdf

Unlimited Fill/Discharge Cycles.

• 12 bar (175 PSIG) maximum back fill pressure.

• User friendly operation with built-in fail safe features.

• Supplied ready for use with a high quality

   stainless steel braided PTFE sample hose.

• Integrated 3 stage Chilled Mirror Dewpoint

   Hygrometer with SF6 purity analyzer

 Data Sheet  SF6 Analyzer GCTU-CMH-PTY 2244.pdf