Model AMT Dewpoint Transmitter

 Data Sheet  AMT Dewpoint Transmitter Datasheet Delta.pdf

3 Range Options     Available From   –120 °C to + 20°C

Model AMT-EX Dewpoint Transmitter

 Data Sheet  AMT-Ex Delta US.pdf

Model DS1200-AMT Dewpoint Analyzer

 Data Sheet  2130 DS1200-AMT Datasheet Delta US.pdf

On-Line Dew Point Analyzers

Alpha Moisture Systems range of single channel moisture analyzers have been developed to meet the requirements of all applications requiring on-line analysis at a single sample point. These instruments combine robust construction and advanced electronics to ensure that they will provide accurate moisture analysis and service life. You can be assured that whatever your application, we will have a moisture analyzer for your exact requirements.

All on-line analyzers use our range of dedicated Ultra High Capacitance moisture sensors covering an overall range of -110°C to +20°C. Please refer to corresponding data sheets for detailed ordering information.

Model DS1200-PDT Dewpoint


 Data Sheet  DS1200-PDT Dewpoint Hygrometer datasheet Delta 2188.pdf

     (Via Zener Barrier in Safe Area)

Model 6020 Dewpoint Hygrometer

 Data Sheet