rProcal 2000 uses the reflective beam principal to directly measure process gas as it enters the sample cell. Unlike higher maintenance extractive systems, Procal’s patented, sintered metal technology removes the need for gas filtering or sample conditioning. The analyzer requires very little maintenance and achieves a class-beating up-time of over 98% up-time in demanding applications.

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Procal 1200

The Procal 1200 Analyzer Control Unit (ACU) controls and processes the raw data from up to six Procal Continuous Emission Monitoring systems and generates, displays and transmits concentration readings in customer specified units.

In addition, the ACU can also collect data from third party instruments measuring, for example, dust (opacity), oxygen, temperature, pressure and velocity.

 The industrial PC displays gas concentrations on the integral display along with information on sample conditions, diagnostic data and trends. The information can be retransmitted in the form of 4-20mA current outputs (one per measured component), parallel printer interface and optional RS485 serial output.

 Data Sheet  

Procal 2000